The Challenges of Preterm Infant Formula Development

Presentation by Dr. Marc L. Masor

The challenges of bringing an infant formula to market are extensive and complex, and even more so for a premature infant formula.

During this webinar, you will hear Marc L. Masor, PhD discuss the following:

  • How is infant formula regulated?
  • How does that affect infant formula development?
  • How does the manufacturing process affect key infant formula characteristics?
  • What is the research model for infant formula?
  • What clinical research is needed to bring an infant formula to market?
  • How are the ingredients selected and studied to meet the nutritional requirements of preterm infants?
    • Ingredient interactions may affect bioavailability.
    • Selection and study of novel ingredients.
    • Are there different physiological effects between natural and synthetic nutrients?

There is a Q&A session at the end of the presentation.


About the Speaker:

Marc L. Masor, PhD

Science Educator

Retired Director, Clinical Nutrition Research

Abbott Nutrition


Marc Masor, with a PhD in nutritional biochemistry, retired as Director of Clinical Nutrition Research at Abbott Nutrition after spending 16 years conducting infant nutrition research. He led the research project for the development of Similac® Advance and is an inventor on 10 patents covering Similac infant formulas.

He has spoken to physicians, nurses, dietitians, regulatory agencies, and conferences across the US and in over 30 countries.
You might be interested to know that Dr. Masor’s Ph.D. research project was to determine the effect of dietary protein on lactation.