Wendy Slatery is a recognized commercial leader in healthcare with extensive experience in existing and market entry solutions. In her role at Aspect Imaging, Ms. Slatery is responsible for the development and execution of the strategic direction for the company’s dual-industry focus: preclinical research and healthcare, advancing the utilization of magnetic resonance imaging to maximize utilization in complex locations to facilitate accessibility to critical information. Under her leadership, the preclinical research portfolio and the company’s newest endeavor, point-of-care MRI for neonatal patients, has grown in brand awareness and revenue through innovative solutions and service offerings, key strategic alliances, and a realignment of internal and external resources. Throughout her career, Ms. Slatery also led improvements in financial performance, expanded industry presence, and leveraged market position to lead cross-business initiatives creating new markets for existing portfolios and built organizations that support and expand the commercial opportunity for emerging technology. Ms. Slatery holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology and Chemistry from Mississippi University for Women, the nation’s first state-support college for women in the United States, chartered in 1884.